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Guo先生's resume
Select | More than 1 year Work Experience | Bachelor | Guangdong Maoming
  • Guo先生
  • Gender:male
  • HUKOU:Guangdong Maoming
  • Degree:Bachelor
  • Current Location:Maoming
  • Marital Status:Single
  • Work Experience:More than 1 year
  • Date of Birth:1981-08-17
  • Specializes areas
  • Desired Type of Employment:Full-time
  • Desired Company Position
  • Desired Position:Select
  • Desired Location
  • Desired Type of Employment:Select
  • Expected Salary:3000-3999
  • Expect Position
  • Time Of Arrival:Immediately
Sucessful Cases Description
  • During my period of my work,i had gotten better ability to organize and analyze.As a quality engineer,it made me strong sense of quality and responsibility and enhance my comunication.I work diligence ,like to challenge and work well in high-pressure atmosphere.
Highest Education Background
2003-09-01 - 2007-06-28
  • School Name:Guangdong University of Technology
  • Degree:Bachelor
  • Major:Apparatus And Instrument
  • Description:Academic Main Courses: engineering optics, laser technology, photoelectric detection technology, mechanical design, analog / digital electronics technology, Computer Principles and Applications, SCM principles and interface technology, machinery manufacturing technology, automatic control.
Work Experience
2007-07-02 - 2008-07-13
  • Company Name:Advance Energy Industries (Shenzhen)
  • Type Of Company:Suppier
  • Department:QA
  • Title
  • Company Address:Guangdong Shenzhen
  • The Scale Of Enterprise:More than 200
  • Desired Position:Others
  • Salary:less than 1000
Job Description:I had work as a quality engineer for one year in Advance Energy(ShenZhen).My responsibilities to control the production quality.Organized related people to solve the issues found in the production and system.Training the inspitor to more knowledge of inspection.Solve the program found on production line and get corrective action.Preparing quality report for the manager and report the quality status to the department.
Language Skill
  • Languages:English
  • Reading&Writing:proficient
Major Way Of Contact